Engaging Customers, Staying Connected and Boosting the Bottom Line with Mobile Apps

Business owners today should be aware of the technology which will potentially help boost their business. With the way competition is now, online and mobile presence is a MUST. Years back, business owners thought little of having an online presence. Today, more than online presence, businesses need to shift their online activities to mobile, as apps for smartphones have become very important marketing tools, particularly for small business owners.

The rise in smartphone usage has led to mobile phones being used as a prime marketing tool for large, medium and small companies. It was found that mobile apps are effective in engaging customers; allow a wide range of online transactions; encourage repeat visits; and deliver announcements quickly and easily. Here are more reasons why mobile apps are good for business, particularly for small businesses.

1. A mobile app makes it easy for you to pinpoint key users with time-sensitive and location-specific messages. Using geo-targeting, you can send special offers immediately to customers, existing and new, who are near your store. You’ll be able to save on advertising as you can send targeted ads at the right place and time to your consumers.

2. You can have a loyalty rewards program mobile app to increase your customer base. Your customers can download the app to benefit from early bird specials, exclusive deals and other special promotions. You can also have a survey built into the app to make it more effective in finding out what kind of rewards appeal more to customers. It works both ways: your customers will feel valued and appreciated while you get valuable information about your customers and their preferences, which will be of great help to your business.

3. If you are in the service business, a mobile app that sends mobile reminders and scheduling will be a great tool for you. The mobile app will allow your customers to sign up for classes or make appointments.

4. Small businesses will benefit from a mobile payment app, as it is faster and easier. Such mobile apps will allow small businesses to swipe credit cards and other business transactions via a point of sale stand, a tablet or smartphone.

As a business owner you have to realise the benefits that mobile apps can provide you in terms of building your brand, speeding up sales and attracting new customers, especially those on-the-go customers. If your are looking for a company to build a great mobile app to engage with your customers, stay connected and boost your bottom line, look no further contact us today and we will be your partners for success.