Mobile apps are causing a paradigm shift in traditional business!!

Mobile apps are causing a paradigm shift in traditional business. In the past, pen and paper where the core elements of the business process; and print & mail the core channels for business communication and growth. In the modern era, technology and digital marketing are must-haves. As such, businesses that are using automation to carry their work and are up-to-date on market trends—specifically app integration—will see the greatest profit margins. But applications aren’t just for the consumer; businesses can use apps to optimise productivity and profitability.


So what is EAI?

Enterprise Application Integration (otherwise known as EAI) is a way for businesses to optimise and streamline multiple applications or computer systems, simplifying the interface and data collection process to reduce error. Consider the following: You have 4 different teams, each using their own software to complete their tasks, or even worse they are still using pen and paper, the likelihood of human error contaminating data is high.

On the flip side, imagine the different systems are integrated and all the data can be submitted through one channel that can be accessed from anywhere. The margin of error will reduce significantly and productivity will move on the opposite direction.

A good example of EAI is CRM—or customer relationship management systems.

EAI makes businesses more nimble than ever before. And yes, it’s financially sound. Consider the cost practicality of an app. Sure, there are upfront costs, but they reduce long-term hiring needs, the costs associated with error, and the time spent on manual processes.

Do the research and crunch the numbers; you’ll find that EAIs are a critical part of today’s growing market and the present/future of e-commerce. It shouldn’t be a question of, if you’ll integrate enterprise technology, but how you’ll do it.

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